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In just 2 weeks, BEAMS Arts Festival will be a glowing nexus of Sydneysider talent; host to emerging and mid-career creatives breaking away from white cube galleries and black box theatres to inhabit Chippendale’s streets!

From 5-10pm on Saturday 19 September, the precinct will boom as the cultural heart of the city, pumping art, music, food and performance through all its commercial arteries, including the soon-to-be-opened Kensington Street!

On this night, the streets will be abuzz: light installations will waltz along walls to the sweetest music, and a conga-line of food truck aromas will make your taste buds jive. Hustle to our pop-up eateries, where you can uncover gluten-free treats at vegetarian haven Veggie Patch or sink your teeth into a Ribs & Burgers dinner. And fit in every other cuisine in between!

Needless to say, our showcases are absolutely not to be missed! BEAMS is giving the stage to a range of performers hailing from across the city, with a diversity of members to mirror Sydney’s own and a vast repertoire of performances, from the Biennale of Sydney to So You Think You Can Dance!

So put your right hand in, put your right hand out, put your right hand in and shake it all about with the rest of our BEAMS block party! It’ll be a grooving evening when we gather to celebrate our city’s phenomenally diverse culture. And dance to our heart’s content. That’s what it’s all about!

For more information visit The BEAMS arts festival website





BEAMS Arts Festival is all about showcasing Sydney’s creative talent right on your doorstep: out and about on the streets of Chippendale, a precinct teaming with imagination and inspiration.

This year is no exception with every nook and cranny set to be taken over by our array of wonderful participants, all working to the theme of "Phenomena". Among the maze of captivating installations, delectable food vendors and exceptional musicians, seek out our diverse dancers and performers.

DanceKool will be back in full force with their funky fluidity, putting on a show then inviting you to join for a boogie. Flatline return with an awe-inspiring participatory performance, and a silent disco will light up the south side of the Old Brewery for everyone to hit the dancefloor!

Feeling fatigued from all that wandering and dancing? Bunker down beside artist Hana Hoogedeure’s campfire where the magic of a night under the stars means anything could transpire.

Ever wondered how our relationship with planet Earth might be perceived through the eyes of an alien clan? Sage Godrei and her extra-terrestrial creatures are ready to show you. BEAMS 2015 is a phenomenon in itself, an explosion of ideas each more remarkable than the next.





Tiw Rakarin - Vietnamese street food in Bang Luck at Kopi-Tiam on Spice Alley - Image: news.com.au

On Kensington Street, woks will be on fire and ready to spin out classic Asian dishes for a splash of spice in everyone’s night!

Our stellar lineup includes Malaysian hawker eatery Kopi-Tiam in Spice Alley; the Alex Lee Kitchen by Singaporean chef Alex Lee; the soon to be launched Bang Luck Thai Street Food brought to us by Tiw Rak Arin; the Old Jim Kee headed by Malaysian chef Uncle Jim, and delicious dishes by the masters behind the Hong Kong Diner who will be plating up mouth-wateringly flavourful dishes rooted in traditional East Asian cooking.

Alongside these dishes, internationally acclaimed chef Frederic Colin's new Sydney version of the famous Singapore Restaurant Brasserie Gavroche will plate up delicious French cuisine to bring home the charms of Paris, prior to the November launch of his restaurant, Bistrot Gavroche.

Kensington Street Social, also scheduled to open in November, will present exclusive examples of its eclectic cuisine under the direction of Michelin-starred Jason Atherton, former Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant.

World cuisines will converge on Balfour Street: Tsuru’s share of Asian street fares will heat up Chippendale, so join the line to grab a steaming belly bun, or indulge in some of Arco’s exquisite Italian cuisine and more!

Agapé sources their inspiration from global dishes to bring “organic food made with love” to the table! Aptly named, the Greek word “agapé” is defined as “a love feast shared as a sign of love and fellowship”, and there’s nothing better than sharing a feast outdoors on a beautiful spring evening.





Our feasting on music, art and dance at BEAMS would not be possible if not for the kind contribution of our sponsors, media partners and partners and to them we offer our sincerest thanks!  




One of this year’s BEAMS partners is The Other Art Fair, which is launching for the first time in Sydney this September in our very own CENTRAL PARK LIVING MALL.

Currently the UK’s largest artist-led fair, Sydney-siders will now have the chance to purchase artwork direct from 85 unrepresented artists.

Each artist has been carefully chosen to exhibit their work by an esteemed selection committee including Paris Neilson; Dick Quan; Mikala Dwyer; Virginia Wilson and Megan Robson.

Visit The Other Art Fair to discover the next rising star.

Friends of BEAMS ARTS Festival can claim a Complimentary Ticket (valued at $15 each) to the fair over the 11-13th September. Simply enter the code TOAFBeams332233 at checkout on http://theotherartfair.com.au/comp





From the creative efforts of production powerhouses OFA and doohfa, BEAMS is thrilled to announce a digital showcase at Central Park Living Mall. Our festival's greatest video content will be exhibited on loop on the Central Park digital billboard, Central Wall and will be the showcase on the night of our Instagram competition, LIVE as our audiences select their favourites.

So come by and keep a look out in the weeks leading to BEAMS to glimpse the kaleidoscope of creative talent coming soon to Chippendale!





Your best BEAMS snap
could be lighting up this major Sydney billboard alongside our best video artists!

Upload and Tag your Instagram photos with #BEAMSFESTIVAL and your photo will spring up on Central Wall during BEAMS!





Let’s do the time warp again (into the future)! At this year’s BEAMS, Tapnlike will allow audiences to connect with their favourite art pieces on an innovative digital platform, rather than traditional wall labels.

By tapping their personal devices onto NFC stickers or capturing QR codes using a phone camera, visitors can enter detailed archives of information behind the installations at BEAMS. It’s a convenience we can afford in this digital age!

Find out more on their website and Facebook.





On Saturday September 19, Kensington Contemporary will open its doors to the public for the first time!

With Nicky Ginsberg at the helm, the Chippendale Creative Precinct’s gallery will place creative talent on a heritage street in Sydney’s thriving arts scene, showcasing the works of emerging, mid career and established artists across all disciplines.

For its grand opening, Kensington Contemporary dual spaces will hold two exhibitions: Naomi Chilcott from UNSW Art & Design, and Chris Bowman and Michael Day from UTS Faculty of Design.

Naomi Chilcott, working by the moniker Gnomes, champions female empowerment in the vintage-style comics of her exhibition, Hero(ine).

Our perception of femininity is often straitjacketed by the female gender’s association with weakness and incapability, but Chilcott strips back this stigma. Her works, rendered in black Indian ink, wield a razor-sharp edge to cut through any judgemental eye and strike with the fiery glare of her female protagonists.

Inspired by retro horror and cult advertising, Chilcott casts a centre-stage spotlight on the women normally overshadowed by their male counterparts’ bravado and arrogance.

Chilcott draws with absolute confidence in female strength and agility, as if she were the hand folding back the sleeve on Rosie the Riveter’s flexed arm.

Check out her digital portfolio, Instagram and Tumblr.

light_notations.01 is an exhibition of prototypes and photographs by Chris Bowman and Michael Day that document their experimentation with light, movement, space and time.

Since 2012, Bowman and Day have been prototyping “optical refraction mechanisms”, inspired by “magic lantern” projectors that pioneered light sources in early cinema. Two mechanisms on display will manipulate light in polarising ways: one projecting light outwards to illuminate the gallery space, the other shaping an internal space of montaged film and animation. These polarising functions invite us to consider binary opposites that exist in our world; of intruding, frenetic forces that disturb order and stasis. While the prototyping process is in constant flux, each photograph derived from it captures a fixed moment of light suspended in space and time.

Bowman and Day are alchemists, transmuting forces of light to refract within the exhibition space. Each prototype and photograph stands as a simple notation in the shifting formulae behind their alchemy of illuminated movement.

Learn more about Bowman and Day’s practice here.






Watch one of Sydney’s oldest streets be reborn, adorned with flowers and filled with music as Chippendale Creative Precinct and Kensington Street throw their Spring Delights Day Out!

From 11AM to 3PM on Sunday September 20, FREE creative workshops and performances will spring out of newly refurbished Kensington Street, all for your enjoyment!

DanceKool’s hip hop funk workshop will keep Chippendale grooving long after BEAMS, alongside internationally renowned graffiti artist Scott Marsh, who’ll take to the streets with a graffiti mural workshop poised to transform the district into a lush painted garden.

Florist Clementine Posy will transform the street into a walkway for springtime kings and queens, ready with flower crowns for all. Top it all off by making your own regal leaf-printed garments at Bobbin and Ink’s screenprinting workshop!

And we haven’t forgotten food!

Ready to spice up your life? Feast your eyes on culinary delights from an array of powerhouse Kensington Street establishments.

So bring your friends and family out to Sydney’s revitalised urban village, for an afternoon packed with entertainment, art and our city’s greatest culinary genius!






Following the frenzy of BEAMS and Spring Delights, wind down at SPLIT, a new exhibition from multidisciplinary artist Emily Hana Johnson.

In her fusion of 2D, 3D and 4D sculptural forms, Johnson explores how light and shadow transform our perception of objects, with an original image cast in light and its brooding shadow counterpart. Simple forms can be mutilated, twisted and contorted in different lighting  - but we can choose whether to see them as separate entities or joined whole in a symbiotic relationship.

You are invited to SPLIT’s Opening Night on Friday, September 25. Come along to see where the light touches and shadows begin.

Carlton Project Space: Shop 106-107, 17 Carlton Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008





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