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2016 CNWAP winner: dyeing breath, Indigo Hanlee & Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell




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Sydney artists Indigo Hanlee and Michael Thomas Hill (Lightwell) have been awarded the 2016 Chippendale New World Art Prize for their interactive video installation, dyeing breath (2016).

In the fourth year of CNWAP, Indigo Hanlee and Michael Thomas Hill (Lightwell) will take their concepts to Assisi, Italy to partake in a $10,000 arts residency at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle for three months, all expenses paid. Previous CNWAP winners have travelled to Beijing, Spain and Greece to practise their craft and exhibit in their host country.



2016 CNWAP winner: dyeing breath, Indigo Hanlee & Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell


Lightwell is an art and media design studio based in Chippendale. They combine new technologies with art to make responsive environments for public spaces.

dyeing breath is an unveiling of our environment's ever-present spirit through a three-screen video installation. As the landscape exhales, plumes of brightly coloured smoke reveal a hidden life force. These vibrant breaths hang starkly against their environment in moving clouds of rich colour - the invisible has been made visible and we are reminded that the world we live in is alive. 

These videos are turned into a program that can be manipulated through an iPad. Visitors can interact with the program to enter a world of bright hues, warped sounds and new perspectives. 






The entire judging panel was impressed by the high calibre and diversity of the artwork entered into this year's prize. Our esteemed judges included Wayne Tunnicliffe, head curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW; Dr Stanley Quek, current Executive Chairman of Greencliff Pty Ltd, and prize benefactor; Pat Corrigan, renowned Australian art collector and arts philanthropist; and Janet Laurence, internationally celebrated Australian artist. 

Our four judges highly commended the works of the following two artists: 


Paul Davies, 'Feb 10, 21c mostly sunny, 10:16a.m. 7 mins exposure, outside ceramic studio'


Australian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Paul Davies repeats and collages facades of modern architecture through a process of painting, stencilling, photography and sculpture. He renders uncertain what is original and reproduction. 

In February 2016, Davies was awarded the artist residency at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Phoenix. Responding to the notion of 'organic architecture', he created a series of 24 photograms, one per day at various locations around of the property. Sunlight and moonlight are captured at different locations onto paper painted with gum bichromate, a photosensitive solution developed in the 1800's. Using a stencil cut from the photo of the exterior of the Frank Lloyd Wright building, the image was reduced to a silhouette, blending architecture and landscape. 



Hyun-Hee Lee, Infinity


Hossein Valamanesh speaks of the 'therapeutic work that we have to do to close up the wound opened when we migrated'. 

This sentiment has been the driving force behind Korean artist Hyun-Hee Lee's art practice. As a migrant living in a Western country, her work explores the spirit of connection by recreating and re-contextualizing Korean religious rituals, practices and Buddhist beliefs through the lens of her own experience. Infinity is Hyun-Hee's personal script, written and hand-embroidered onto three layered sheets of Hanji paper dyed with ink. The thread line used continues the repetitive act implying a continuous connection to the culture and past memories. 

The artist pursues the notion that life is a circle; what happens today can be traced to something that has happened in the past. 





The Chippendale New World Art Prize in partnership with Vivid Ideas continues with the works of 41 finalists exhibiting at The Old Rum Store & Kensington Contemporary Galleries. 

Each artist has moulded the concept of SPIRIT by their own hand, whether by sculpture, painting, installation or motion. Come and see the outstanding range of work on display - ongoing until Sunday 26th of June




Aura Nox Anima, Lux Eterna

From 2-3PM every Saturday, CNWAP Finalists will take to the floor and explore their work with our guests.

Wander over to The Old Rum Store on a lazy afternoon and pass your hand over Thi Nguyen's LED Mirror,  or watch the shrouded desert dancers of motion piece Aura Nox Anima. Our exhibition and floor talks continue in Kensington Contemporary 1 & 2, where Andrew Christie's For The Love Of Grain is housed in a glass box and the medallions of Patrick Cremin's how not to be seen glint from the wall. 

Snatch up a glass of complimentary wine and we'll hit the floor this Saturday afternoon. 




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There is still time to have your say and vote for your favourite artwork to go into the draw to win a dinner for 2 at Mekong, the latest culinary adventure to hit Kensington Street.

1. Take a photo of your favourite artwork
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Votes will be tallied during the exhibition and the prize will be announced on 26th June 2016.

The winning artist of the People's Choice will receive Dinner for 2 at Bistrot Gavroche.



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