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BEAMS Arts Festival is set to be a stellar evening. With light compositions illuminating our laneways, innovative performances and live music igniting the crowds, and workshops in which every visitor can participate, our annual event is a shooting star not to be missed!

In addition to our eclectic range of emerging to mid-career to established artists, brilliant talent from the UTS Faculty of Design will bring forth interactive art of astronomical proportions, showcasing cutting-edge technology from a novel perspective.

In little more than seven days, Sydney's creative geniuses will launch into orbit in Chippendale, their gravitational pull attracting hordes of visitors. We invite you to join us at BEAMS on Saturday 19 September from 5 - 10pm. This is a cultural supernova that will shine light on typically hidden corners and see thousands of visitors cluster like nebulae in the streets!

We've briefed you on our delectable dining options, our vibrant performers and musicians (don't forget your dancing shoes!) and our incredible artists whose unique works will be peeking out from every nook and cranny. This week it's time to talk about the video artists, workshop warriors and a spectacular spectrum of ideas exhibited by a group of gifted UTS students.

For more information visit The BEAMS arts festival website





Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore and Festival Director Nicky Ginsberg

7 September 2015

On behalf of the City of Sydney, I am proud to support the fourth annual BEAMS Arts Festival in 2015.

Over the last few years, the BEAMS Festival has become a highlight of Sydney's cultural calendar. I congratulate the Chippendale Creative Precinct for all you have achieved over that time – making a vital contribution to activating the Chippendale area and providing a fantastic forum for local artists and musicians to showcase their talents and realise their potential.

I also commend local tertiary institutions for working with the Chippendale Creative Precinct to encourage artists to be part of the Festival, and congratulate the many volunteers and artists involved. This year's festival would not have been possible without your impressive contribution.

The City of Sydney strongly supports creativity in our local communities which is why we provide more than $30 million each year to support Sydney's arts scene, including this festival. We want to see Sydney build its reputation as an international city of culture and creativity. Events like the BEAMS not only help achieve this goal but are integral to the development of the City's creative scene and its ability to thrive in the future.

It's wonderful to see events like this being so well supported by the community. It's clear there's a demand for experiences which make use of place and Sydney's historic precincts such as the Festival, which uses Chippendale's laneways to provide an atmospheric backdrop to the range of performances on offer.

This year's Festival has a great program and I am sure everyone attending will enjoy the live music, workshops, dance and performance, and special outdoor dining and bars available.

I wish the organisers and performers all the best with this year's event and wish the Festival continued success.

Yours sincerely
Clover Moore

Lord Mayor of Sydney





From the hustle and bustle of Broadway's clustered thoroughfare, UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building will emerge to bring cutting-edge art to BEAMS! UTS lecturer and tranSTURM member Michael Day invites unrepresented young artists to the forefront of Chippendale's arts scene, ready to draw audiences into their immersive installations!

Laura Jade Hindes presents an interactive model of the human brain in Cerebral Nebula (Brain Light). In collaboration with neuroscientist Peter Simpson-Young and programmer Sam Gentle, Cerebral Nebula becomes illuminated in response to brain activity, communicated via a wireless headset.

Interested in Laura's art practice?

Check out her website! Laura also has an exciting lineup of youth workshops over the Spring School holidays (21 Sep - 2 Oct) at Art Est Art School, a dynamic visual arts hub in inner west Leichhardt that offers an extensive range of classes for both adults and children.

Mindful of youthful hearts, Francesca Ayling has created Spider-tunnel for visitors to crawl through to a spider-making booth. Arm yourself with creepy-crawlies!

Want to wander into another world?
Domenic Svejkar's Phenomeme will submerge a corner of Chippendale Green in a recycled coral garden for all pedestrians to stroll through, while a fibre-optic Dandelion Forest awaits nearby, from the talents of Amanda Griffith and Zara Pasfield. Bathe in some heavenly light as Savannah Stimson unleashes nature's mystical forces in Beacon, a suitcase projecting Northern Lights straight into Sydney's metropolis.

Our theme of Phenomena is as multi-faceted as the artistry emerging from UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. Explore Chippendale's streets on BEAMS night to uncover the talents absolutely bursting from the concrete!





Leading up to this plein-air festival, Central Park Living Mall will generously screen a continuous reel on their digital screen, "Central Wall", showcasing our brightest video artists.

This year, BEAMS visitors are to anticipate a great variety of video and interactive art to illuminate and spread the boundaries of creativity in Chippendale!

Amongst them, astucious team duo Tame the Pixels are to put on quite a show by fusing discarded objects from the street curb with their playful imagination!

Settle down at Immerse, an alfresco lounge fashioned by the Gaffa Gallery team, who have curated a reel of local and international video artists to play on a TV set. Drop into their humble abode and watch these artists tease apart notions of sexuality and identity.

The People Project celebrates the voices of the LGBTQIA community and amplifies them for all to hear. Against a bright and colourful canvas, Witches of Sydney X Heaps Gay projects these people forward to define sexuality and identity for our BEAMS audiences!

Gaze up at new architectures as Lucinda May Robinson experiments with new constructions in Infinity, a video examination of geometric patterns in Islamic interior architectural design.

Hitchhike through the infinite galaxy with Len Hurley and The Hidden Dimension, an explosion of shape and colour with a mysteriously ambient soundscape. Be transfixed with the possibilities of interstellar travel.





Workshops will be sprawled across BEAMS, from the Chippendale Green to Balfour Street Park - to keep visitors moving and creative juices flowing!

Sydney Origami Inc will be teaching young and old hands to fold their own creatures and creations, while Kristyn Taylor's Once Upon A Time painting workshop allows all visitors, artist or not, to spark their imaginations.

Artists Nicole Kelly and India Mark join forces in Entwined in a Cradle to rock audiences into a creative rhythm.

And for a jolt of life, Work-Shop and Nauti Studios present Neon Life Drawing, a workshop that promises to develop your skills of capturing what you see while embracing the luminous atmosphere of BEAMS!






The ambitious initiatives at BEAMS would not come to fruition without the endless support of our sponsors, media partners and partners. A warm and heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed!




A very special thank you to our partner Artist Profile who have supported the Chippendale Creative Precinct and all of its endeavours since the very beginning!

The contemporary art scene may seem an endless universe, but Artist Profile maps it out for all art enthusiasts to navigate.

Artist Profile synergises exhibition reviews, artist features and multimedia content in a quality online magazine on "the Artists behind the Art". Sourcing contributors from renowned publications such asSydney Morning Herald and Art Almanac, it boasts a comprehensive exploration of local and international artists running amok in white cube galleries, art festivals and world-class establishments.

The art world is as unpredictable now as ever, no longer bound by one movement but dominated by pluralism - however, Artist Profile pulls together the different edges of its universe, so it's not so overwhelming for us art-lovers.

Visit the magazine here.





Did an artwork catch your eye? Tapnlike!

Make the most of your experience at BEAMS with Tapnlike, a digital platform you can access with just a tap of your personal device! Replacing traditional wall labels, Tapnlike offers NFC stickers and QR codes that will link our visitors to detailed information on any artwork that tickles their fancy!

Find out more on their website and Facebook.





Can your best Instagram snap rise to billboard greatness?

Our #BEAMSFESTIVAL Instagram competition celebrates the night through our visitors' eyes! Tag your photo with #BEAMSFESTIVAL and it could be lighting up one of Sydney's most innovated shopping centres.

Kindly facilitated by OFA and doohfa, the digital billboard "Central Wall" in Central Park Living Mall will be live-screening Instagram's cream of the crop.

Be a part of the art unfolding on the big screen!






Our laneways are not the only place for festivalgoers to encounter the wonderful art Chippendale has to offer. We invite you to wander after hours through the many galleries open late on the night of BEAMS.

The ever popular White Rabbit Gallery has a brand new exhibition, PARADI$E BITCH, and will remain open until 8pm. Rife with fog, neon, lasers and motion sensors, this show will be electric. Follow the white rabbit to 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale.

Doors will be open until 10pm at Galerie Pompom, MOP Projects, Arco, The Japan Foundation Gallery, X88 Gallery, and many more to welcome all BEAMS visitors.






NG Art Gallery's legacy of showcasing a full spectrum of artistic talent will live on at Kensington Contemporary, which opens on Saturday 19 September with exhibitions Hero(ine) and light_notations.01. Twin terraces on newly refurbished Kensington Street will house these shows, drawing fresh ideas into heritage architecture.

light_notations.01, from Chris Bowman and Michael Day, conducts the alchemy of illuminated movement within a dark space, with optical prototypes to refract light and photographs to document them. Inspired by the 'magic lanterns' of early cinema, Bowman and Day examine light in flux and in suspension. They investigate the binary forces that make up our world equilibrium: territory and intrusion, disturbance and stasis, order and chaos.

Want vintage-style comic art on female empowerment?

Naomi Chilcott's exhibition Hero(ine) will be showing when Kensington Contemporary opens its doors for the first time! Inspired by retro horror and cult advertising, Chilcott casts a centre-stage spotlight on the women normally overshadowed by their male counterparts' bravado and arrogance. Rendered in Black Indian ink, these heroines are confronting; regarding their audience with a stark gaze, tackling monsters head-on, demanding their own place in this world.

They have no apologies.

Can looks kill? Check out these killer women at Kensington Contemporary, Saturday 19 September.





Everything has two personas: one cast in light, the other thrown in shadow.
In her show SPLIT, Emily Hana Johnson amalgamates different dimensions in sculptural form to manipulate her audience's perception - how do we know if we view these objects truthfully?

In different lighting, objects are mutilated, twisted, contorted into new shapes and entities.

Come to view a SPLIT world of light and shadow on Friday, September 25 at Carlton Project Space (Shop 106-107, 17 Carlton Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008).






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