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From 6 - 8PM on Thursday 19 November, the Gallery Trifecta will be reborn, housing new exhibitions for the upcoming three weeks. Join us as we unveil Sarah Mufford’s watercolour series One Between Two in Kensington Contemporary 1, sculptural showcase Alternate Forms in Kensington Contemporary 2, and group exhibition KODO in Carlton Project Space.


Sarah Mufford




Sarah Mufford - Tesselate

Sarah Mufford paints to the Indian mantra of One Between Two. These words direct Mufford’s application of pattern in her watercolour paintings, layered in the style of decorative marking to construct a kaleidoscope of vibrant textures.

One Between Two merges binaries: intuition and reasoning, organic shapes and pattern systems, and visual conventions of East and West, where the sentiments of “one between two” collide with the influence of Italian Renaissance masters. Mufford dissolves spatial relationships and colour perceptions, producing richly textured works that press our audiences to observe closely.

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Kensington Contemporary 1
Address: 32 Kensington St, Chippendale
Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-4







Susan Robey - Sculpture made in high fired Paperclay

Adam Rish, Allison Tucker, Anne Delaney, Denese Oates (of Stella Downer Fine Art), Hidemi Tokutake, Holly Macdonald, Jo Wood, Lee Mathers, Rachel Harrex, Sally Walk, Stephanie Sykes, Steve Coburn, Susan Robey & Tracy Luff, in collaboration with Kerrie Lowe Gallery.

Alternate Forms is a sculptural showcase with a focus on organic form and design. Our exhibiting artists pivot their works on a conceptual wheel, turning through notions of place, identity and belonging in a multitude of mediums. Alternate Forms binds together the most accomplished hands working in sculpture, seeding a fertile ground from which forms like Tracy Luff’s cardboard silhouettes, Hidemi Tokutake’s ceramic foliage and Susan Robey’s paper clay masterpieces emerge.

Alternate Forms lives up to its name, offering fresh perspectives on some of the most deep-rooted ideas in our society. Our artists take these concepts into their own hands, mould them with a sensitive touch, and return them in alternate forms, leading their audience along the verge of experimental thinking.

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Kensington Contemporary 2
Address: 34 Kensington St, Chippendale
Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-4







Beric Henderson - Symmetry of Nature

Emma Bourke, Kate Darmody, Eliza Fugar, Rinaldo Hartanto, Jacalin King, Alinta Kirkpatrick, Martin Nester, Hugo Puflett, Scarlett Thorby-Lister, Simon Wearne, Vivian White and Jobe Williams

After undertaking a Japanese pilgrimage trail, Kumano Kodo, this group of talented artists return to share the artistic manifestation of their cultural experience in multidisciplinary exhibition KODO.

Having traversed a variety of terrain; walking through forests, over mountains, rivers, frozen lakes, through villages, shrines, temples and waterfalls, KODO’s mixed media works reflect the diversity of the trail itself, where each artist documented their own intimate journey. Such a walking meditation ensured the constant engagement of their mental, physical and emotional focus, winding down a road of peace and transcendent harmony.

Explore the blissful scenery of Japan in Carlton Project Space, homages to the serenity and wonder experienced by some of the most talented students and graduates of UNSW Art and Design.

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Carlton Project Space
Address: Shop 106-107, 17 Carlton Street, Chippendale
Opening Hours: Tues-Sat 12-4



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