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2015 has seen Chippendale grow from a pinprick of light to a luminary pulsar on the world map of lifestyle destinations. The Chippendale Creative Precinct ran initiatives that witnessed this district’s brightest virtues thrown into sharp relief, cured to epicurean excellence and written down in ink.

Our vision was publicly rebranded to Destination Chippendale, now at the forefront of people’s minds when they consider what lies in the creative heart of Sydney. Our website has been reshaped by this vision and media interest continues to flock to our part of town. As 2015 comes to a close, the CCP wishes you all a merry Christmas.

Let’s recollect this year’s successes, shall we?




Directed by the theme of Phenomena, BEAMS Arts Festival garnered over 22,000 visitors - the greatest audience since its inception, with a phenomenal outpouring of visitors and creative endeavours in every nook and cranny.

Media was a frenzy – social, online and print alike.

Some interactive additions this year were TapnLike’s QR codes, and Digital Wall, the digital billboard in Central Park Living Mall which livestreamed crowd-sourced Instagram coverage, facilitated by OFA and doohfa.

National and international media outlets flocked to Sydney’s downtown, including Destination NSW. Its program, Window On Australia, featured the festival and aired to 55 million viewers across Indonesia in November.

BEAMS would not have come to be without the team’s unyielding vision, 20 unpaid assistant curators, up to 100 volunteers, support from loyal partners and sponsors, and of course the 350 creatives involved.

BEAMS was our Chippo community gathered and burning bright.





Under this year’s thematic focus, a particular kind of phenomena unfurled itself in Chippendale.

With BEAMS came the soft launch of Kensington Street, Sydney’s newest lifestyle destination. On the eastern fringe of the precinct, Kensington Street offers an idiosyncratic fusion of heritage structures and new life, cutting-edge design and an abundance of food. Within two of the refurbished workers cottages are the CCP’s new office and gallery spaces, Kensington Contemporary 1 & 2.

Behind the street lies the Kopi-Tiam in Spice Alley, offering a rich array of Asian cuisine under luminous lantern ceilings. Swing by this summer - it’s BYO and open til late 7 days a week (except Christmas Day!)





While NG Art Gallery still stood, the Chippendale New World Art Prize entered the third year of its decade-long run. From a generous $100,000 donation from Dr Stanley Quek, the Prize continues to inspire the next generation of Australian artists, offering winner Hobart Hughes a three-month residency at the Ionian Centre for the Arts and Culture on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

In 2016, the CCP will explore the theme of Spirit and our 2016 winner will enjoy residency at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle, in the hills near Assisi, Italy.





The revised Destination Chippendale Guidedocuments the twenty galleries now located within the precinct, accompanied by a lineup of Chippendale’s best dining establishments.

Printed in full colour with an attached walking map, the guide is also available in digital copy with mass exposure across media outlets and all social media platforms. It has been distributed to multiple galleries, seventy international hotels, City of Sydney (CoS) information tourist booths, Destination NSW and all local bars, cafes and eateries.





On the first Saturday of each month, a group of pedestrians are led by Nicky Ginsberg and curator Susannah Smith, to traverse Chippendale’s gallery scene in an afternoon, visiting four to five institutions.

These tours have grown exponentially in attendance number and geographical span, doubling from the first tour of 2015 to our final tour on Saturday 5 December, which accumulated sixty attendees and a waitlist.

In 2016, we will expand the tour program to include lunch, and a small fee will be charged.




The CCP internship program continues to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience not privy to students in educational institutions.

CCP assistant curators work across diverse projects, from curatorial and events management to copywriting and marketing. Whether for curricular credits or the value of experience, these curators support all CCP events, provide administration, cost sourcing, research, design and planning in order to sustain the success of the CCP. 

Without their contribution, the CCP would not have accomplished such sizeable achievements this year!





CCP membership expanded in 2015, procuring more businesses and entrepreneurs in a thriving network from which we source revenue. Up to 55 members renewed their membership or joined for the first time this year, including major arts institutions and creative enterprises.

In the last three months, a host of new eateries have graced this precinct and our membership community. We welcome:

ARCO, an authentic Italian feast situated within one of Sydney’s oldest neo-Gothic cathedrals. Not too late to take a seat at their Christmas Canape dinner this Tuesday 22nd!

On Kensington Street, we have witnessed the rise of Spice Alley, Glider KS, Automata and Silvereye (located in The Old Clare Hotel) and Bar Chinois, all of whom have kept the CCP team well fed and abuzz with coffee.





What lies in store for us? Our events calendar is stuffed to the brim.

Yelp! and 2SER have been secured as partners for 2016, with whom we will conduct frequent cross-promotion. By website alone, Yelp! achieves a reach of one million and 2SER an audience upward of 260,000.

Chippendale New World Art Prize will collaborate with Vivid Ideas over a three-day event in June to coincide with Vivid Festival. We will build a new relationship with Sydney Writers Festival and once again, partner with Art Month. The Historical Crawl will engage talks from local architects and historians, while esteemed local chefs will speak on our Food Safari.

Our Destination Chippendale brand has gained greater recognition to leverage key sponsors and partners ongoing across all our initiatives.

There is no visible peak for the CCP’s skyward trajectory. We will continue to rise with new initiatives in 2016, and build Chippendale’s presence on the world map of lifestyle destinations.

We’ll see you next year!





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For all enquiries please contact President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct and BEAMS Festival Director Nicky Ginsberg at nickyginsberg@chippendalecreative.com.au



The Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP) is a non-profit organisation established in 2010, founded to promote Chippendale as a creative cluster and cultural hub. We are bringing Chippendale into the new era, through initiatives designed to enhance the synergy of the local creative community, generate economic growth and provide inspiration through the arts in an urban environment.

Founder and President of the CCP, Nicky Ginsberg alongside the CCP Board, warmly invite creative businesses and individuals to join us to support and promote creativity in Chippendale.

We would love for you to advance your business through the CCP with our networking events, university partnerships, member benefits and many other exciting opportunities to come!

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