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Destination Chippendale: The Creative Heart of Sydney warmly invites you to attend the July instalments of our Explore Chippendale Free Gallery Walking Tours and Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours

The experience includes complimentary wine, and the opportunity for a sumptuous lunch at Mekong on Kensington Street.

Chippendale Creative Precinct is a non for profit organisation that celebrates the arts, food and lifestyle of Chippendale. The Walking Tours are a monthly initiative that demonstrate our passion and commitment to transforming the precinct into a thriving cultural destination. They run throughout the year and take place on first and second Saturday of each month.






Join us as we explore the exhibition spaces and arts destinations thriving throughout Chippendale this month. Beginning at Kensington Contemporary, guests will meet for a complimentary glass of wine and prepare for an afternoon full of captivating conversation and engaging art. Our professional tour guide and arts curator Susannah Smith will lead you through four exhibitions over two hours, interviewing artists and gallerists along the way.

From street art to textile installations, this month's tour will traverse contemporary art from Australia and Japan. Exploring light, form and colour across the four exhibitions, guests will begin to unravel the connection between meaning and medium in the world of modern art.  

Date: Saturday 2 July
Time: 2:00 4:00pm
Meeting Point: Kensington Contemporary, 32/34 Kensington Street, Chippendale

A guided tour of:

1. Kensington Contemporary Galleries: ArtNow Revisited Exhibition
2. Japan Foundation: Akiko Ikeuchi: Silk Thread Installations
3. aMBUSH Gallery: Metro Luminescence
4. The Commercial: Michael Riley Exhibition



Susannah Smith is an arts writer and curator. She holds an MA in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and a BA with first class honours in Art History from the University of Sydney. She is a curatorial researcher for the Prints and Drawings department at the Art Gallery of NSW, and is currently working on a number of freelance projects, including a photographic exhibition on grassroots reconciliation practices surrounding the Asia-Pacific War.





State Records of New South Wales


Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours will take you on a time-travelling journey through vestiges of the area's past, guided by a professional historian. The colonial history, industrial heritage and sordid tales beneath Chippendale's cultural renaissance and vibrant culinary and artistic scene will be revealed in an informal, social setting.

Begin with a glass of complimentary wine in Kensington Street's Asian street food experience, Spice Alley whilst admiring the latest works on display at Kensington Contemporary. After being immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of this burgeoning international lifestyle destination,  head off on an adventure to explore the its past.

Each Historical Walking Tour will revolve around a different thematic or site-specific layer of Chippendale's multifaceted history, visiting a different set of sites each month. The heritage and historical secrets of the Chippendale precinct hide away in meandering alleyways and spectacular architecture, waiting to be revealed.

July Tour
Date: Saturday,  July 9th
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Price: $20
Meeting Point: Kensington Contemporary, 32/34 Kensington Street, Chippendale


Explore the clandestine tales of the women behind the foundation stories, industrial boom and cultural renaissance of Chippendale. Historical tales of the women of Chippendale are yet to be uncovered whilst the stories of male convicts, entrepreneurs and officials have traditionally taken centre stage. You will be led through the precinct, visiting sites that reveal vestiges of a thriving female past. The tour will offer intimate glimpses into the tales of women that remain hidden beneath the heritage remains and historical architecture of Chippendale.

State Records of New South Wales


Led by professional historian, Bronwyn Hanna
Dr Bronwyn Hanna is a public historian who has worked for both government and industry helping develop heritage assessments for places such as the Hyde Park Barracks, the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park and the Aboriginal Fish Traps in Brewarrina. She was project manager for the successful World Heritage Nomination for the Sydney Opera House in 2005. She published widely while writing three research theses on the Australian built environment and is also the co-author of two award-winning books about women architects in Australia. Bronwyn is interested in the politics and practice of heritage and she recently undertook an oral history project interviewing 23 pioneering heritage practitioners for the Australian National Library.


Photography by Lauren Commens


Join us for a gastronomic adventure prior to our Historical and Gallery Walking Tours this month for a 3 course lunch special offer at Mekong between 12:30pm and 2pm for only  $28. Spend an afternoon engaging your mind and indulging your senses in an eclectic melange of culinary and cultural delights, the total Chippendale experience.

Esteemed Chef Tiw Rakarin, formerly of Mama's Buoi (Surry Hills) and Alphabet St (Cronulla), has crafted a menu that offers diners a communal travelling feast down Southeast Asia's Mekong River, dallying in every region it passes. Sample delicate rice paper pillows and sweet lemon rumdul curry, finishing with a sumptuous bangkok ice cream bowl, served in a coconut shell. Joined by our tour guides and Nicky Ginsberg, President of the CCP, we will prepare for the afternoon over Rakarin's delicious food, delighting in the company of like minded people with complimentary wine and engaging conversation. BOOK NOW!


Photography by Lauren Commens



Address: 14 Kensington Street, upper level, Chippendale

Review of Mekong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCxACesO_74



Explore Chippendale Free Gallery Walking Tours and Lunch: http://chippendalecreative.com/initiatives/gallery-walking-tours/

Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours and Lunch: http://chippendalecreative.com/initiatives/historical-walking-tours/


Nicky Ginsberg
President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct

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