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A riot of experimental ideas erupted at BEAMS Arts Festival last Saturday night to spit out Chippendale reborn, dripping in neon and bathed in light. Our creatives soaked their palms in gloss and smeared a lustrous veneer of art, performance and culinary mastery over nine laneways. They populated the stage, and the Chippendale Creative Precinct drew back the curtains to this theatre of the absurd, while the moon grinned a Cheshire cat smile from the dark --

"We’re all mad here."

Photography by David Clare

What began as a trickle of curious pedestrians burst into a flood of over 22,000 - a record number of attendees, who laid their eyes upon a landscape aglow with light and art installations.

Photography by David Clare

What also emerged was the child at heart. Adults were doubled over laughing after struggling to fit through the children’s Spider Tunnel. Watercolour paintings, rendered by hands young and old at the Once Upon a Time workshop, were pinned to construction hoarding as if it were the family fridge.

Beneath the gold-dappled trees of Balfour Street, Frieda’s Boss jolted up a quality music lineup with their thumping reggae tunes. It was a testament to the good-humoured crowd when the heavenly Goldheist concluded their set to chants of “one more song, one more song!”

Beyond the Balfour Street bustle, laneways became hushed amphitheatres, where Sarah Parkin could strum out a gentle rendition of “Scarborough Fair” and Kartik Kuna serenade Teggs Lane with “Isn’t She Lovely”. Music syndicate Botch House whipped up chillwave beats in the iridescent blue haze of Melissa Carey’s installation, Through the Tunnel, while their audiences swayed and howled at the moon.

Photography by David Clare

Our guests took their seat at the Little Queen feast table to lay out a cross-cultural spread; Veggie Patch haloumi burgers, oozing cheese fries from Nighthawk Diner, Tsuru pork belly buns, paleo desserts from 80/20. The menu seemed endless.





Photography by David Clare

Kensington Contemporary 1 & 2 launched, continuing NG Art Gallery’s legacy of showcasing the full spectrum of emerging, mid-career and established artists.

In her gallery debut Hero(ine), Naomi Chilcott resuscitates swooning damsels-in-distress from vintage comics and retro horror, to pose the question: why are strength and femininity still considered oxymoronic?

Lean close to the eyeglass and peer into darkness as Chris Bowman and Michael Day suspend light within the optical refraction mechanisms of light_notations.01.

Photography by David Clare

Behind these terrace facades, Spice Alley unfurled itself to the public. Hawker eatery Kopi-Tiam spun out lines of pan-Asian cuisine under a red lantern ceiling - Chinese from Alex Lee Kitchen and Hong Kong Diner, Thai/Vietnamese fusions at Bang Luck Thai Street Food, flavoursome collisions of East and West at POKLOL.

Plates were scraped clean, fires simmered and Old Jim Kee’s head chef Uncle Jim reclined back at a vacant dining table, satisfied.

Photography by David Clare

As Scott Marsh and fellow graffiti artists clicked their aerosol cans shut, the final O’Connor Street DJ hollered - “this really is the last song, so party hard!”

And with that, visitors danced on a road strewn with shredded tinsel from Burden - the nomadic, shrouded creature that limped across Chippendale, fashioned from the hands of Alyssa Choat.

Photography by David Clare

With its white-hot fusion of multiple disciplines, a trip through BEAMS Arts Festival resembled staring into a bright light: hitting your senses hard, explosive and leaving a fallout of red molecular spots to crawl across your vision long after.

Like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, Saturday night grew curiouser and curiouser as the skies darkened and luminous creatures crawled from the Chippendale earth. We encountered fire twirlers, rampant balloons from Chris Bosse and LAVA, geishas practising Japanese bondage in the Greencliff display window. A life model was traced in neon. Monarch butterflies quivered on lamp posts, and we encountered you, our dear visitors. Maybe you were the strangest of all!





Congratulations to @tashbonniface, the winner of our #beamsfestival Instagram competition!

Natasha has won a free sleepover and complimentary cocktails at The Old Clare!

To all who captured BEAMS in snaps and videos - you’ve helped us remember the night. Keep  on exploring and documenting all the hidden gems in Chippendale!





If not for the constant backing of our sponsors, media and partners, BEAMS would not have been such a phenomenal success. We give our warmest thanks for their support!




Photography by David Clare

Thank you for graciously giving your time to making BEAMS run so smoothly.

Thank you for helping artists run their workshops, for manning information booths, for hauling equipment back to storage long after the streets had emptied. Our team witnessed your patience towards visitors and your undwindling energy and enthusiasm.

Your assistance has helped mark BEAMS as a major cultural event on Sydney’s calendar, and we can’t thank you enough.





Photography by David Clare

The art, the food, the music and of course the location were world class. Wonderfully organised and executed, it is events such as BEAMS that truly make Sydney the international city that it is.
Vince Mollica (Bickmore-Hutt Realty)

My daughter said it was extraordinary. Congratulations BEAMS.
Amanda Byrne

A great festival. Shame it wasn't on longer. Didn't have enough time to get round it all!
Caroline Bolton

It was the best!! Such a great audience for our Tutti Frutti Dreamfactory performance! Thanks BEAMS Arts Festival!!
Studio A

I took my best friend to the festival and we commented that it felt like we were in another country - another world even! I have never been to an event like it and everyone around us seemed just as impressed as we were. I just want more! Kensington Street was stunning.
Emma Scott (Creative Content Consultant)

It was a fantastic night and lovely to see all the origami between the trees (as well as the surprise of the fabulous origami cranes installation from the UTS right next to us!)
Winnie Leung (Sydney Origami Inc.)

Congratulations on an amazing BEAMS night! It was easily the best yet and I can't believe how big it's become.
Geoff Hunt (Momento Pro)

Saturday evening was incredible and the coordination efforts must have been massive. Thank you again for the giving us the opportunity to showcase our installation at BEAMS. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a wonderful community initiative.
Brooklyn Sulaeman (HotHouse)

We really enjoyed being part of BEAMS again this year, thanks for giving our students the chance to show Their work in what has already become a major event. Kensington St. looks amazing now, what a transformation, it's a very exciting time to be in this neighbourhood.
Damian Gascoigne (UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building)

A huge thank you for such a fantastic event and all your hard work. We all had a great night and the streets in Chippendale looked fabulous. We loved the lively ambiance in Kensington Street.
Rita Orsini

I’ve got to say the whole thing blew me away, both in size and quality. You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved.
Patrick Coughlan (Bourke St)



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