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Chippendale Creative Precinct


Destination Chippendale
Sydney Art Scene's 'hidden gem'


20 must-see galleries nestled in the laneways of Chippendale


Chippendale Creative Precinct

Want to discover the best of Sydney’s contemporary and underground arts scene? It’s all around the corner in the laneways of creative Chippendale, where designer chic meets warehouse cool.

Reclaimed from the industrial grinder, Chippendale jives in savvy dialogue between its rich historical heritage and urban contemporary street-chic. Graffiti and cobblestones collide in the laneways that house Sydney’s most exciting creative spaces and artist studios.

The top 20 galleries of Chippendale include:

Wellington Street Projects
Carlton Project Space
Harrington Street Gallery
MOP Projects
Spot 81
Pine Street Gallery
The Japan Foundation

UTS Gallery
White Rabbit Gallery
Galerie pompom
The Corner Cooperative
X88 Gallery
ArtSHINE Art Gallery
Kensington Contemporary

Platform 72
3 Little Queen Gallery
Verge Gallery
The Commercial
AMBUSH Gallery
Verge The Commercial Harrington
Verge The Commercial Gallery Harrington Street Gallery
The Chip The Corner UTS
White Rabbit Gallery The Corner Cooperative UTS Gallery

Home to the $2 billion Central Park redevelopment, Sydney's incredible 'living mall', and latest heritage laneway, Kensington Street - soon to reopen - Chippendale has exciting new gallery and pop-up art spaces, bespoke retailers, delicious eateries, small bars, and on-trend pub fare.

The annual BEAMS Arts Festival, Sydney's favourite block party and festival of creative ideas, takes Chippendale into one bright night of light, colour and sound, with live art, music and performances on Saturday September 19th.

The Chippendale Creative Precinct hosts Explore Chippendale: Free Gallery Walking Tours - taking you to what's new in Chippendale on the first Saturday of every month!

"There is a thriving and vast art gallery precinct in Chippendale and art tours within this precinct are essential to provide a comprehensive overview of the cultural offering...The Chippendale Creative Precinct Art Tour provides visitors with the unique benefits of being guided by knowledgeable and experienced art experts, while sharing the company of like-minded people."
- John Wiltshire, Director, aMBUSH Gallery

"We loved the Walking Tour, learned a lot about the galleries of the area and their artists. Chippendale is obviously an up and coming art hub. Felt very privileged to be included, Nicky is an excellent and charming leader and all of the artists spoke well. We will join as many of the tours as we can."
- Pauline Sedgwick

With ever more around every corner, your destination Chippendale has some of Sydney's best kept secrets in art, business, retail and leisure. Explore Chippendale, feel the flow of Sydney's cultural heart.

For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Chippendale Creative Precinct.

Nicky Ginsberg, President
T. (02) 9318 2992
E. nickyginsberg@chippendalecreative.com.au
W. http://chippendalecreative.com/


Chippendale Creative Precinct

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