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Credit: Paul Davies, Everything Loose Will Land in LA / Double Golden Gully, U.V. Cured ink print, acrylic copolymer and acrylic on canvas, 48 x 70 inches

Suzanne Chamlin, Olive, OIl on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches, 2017

Lawrence Wallen - The Fractured Landscape of Subasio II - Tempera, Ink, Graphite on Paper - 300cm x 84cm (detail)

The Chippendale Creative Precinct is immensely proud to announce 3 WINNERS of the 5th annual Chippendale World Art Residency! The winners of the prize expertly rose to the challenge and painted three evocative works, each inspiring a sense of place.

After an overwhelming response of over 100 entries from around the world, our panel of esteemed judges Dr. Stanley Quek, Professor Anita Taylor, Professor Raphael Rubinstein and  President of the CCP, Nicky Ginsberg, are proud to announce that Paul Davies, Suzanne Chamlin and Lawrence Wallen will receive a shared $10 000 Residency Prize to the highly anticipated NG Art Creative Residency in Eygalières, Provence FRANCE!

It is with great pleasure that Nicky Ginsberg is sponsoring a 4th prize to runner up and highy commended Daniel Shaw, who displayed great talent and artistic prowess, a 3 week residency in Eygalieres, Provence.

For the first time, CWAR accepted international entries for the prize, and we are especially chuffed at the incredible talent displayed by artists from all corners of the globe. CCP would like to congratulate the innovation and skill of ALL who submitted a painted landscape to CWAR as our judges deliberated long and hard before making their final decision.





Dr. Stanley Quek, Judge and the prize's benefactor


The Chippendale Creative Precinct would like to express our utmost gratitude to Dr. Stanley Quek former Chairman of Frasers Property Australia and current Executive Chairman of Greencliff for a generous $100 000 sponsorship spanning ten years of the prize. It is with thanks to Dr. Quek, these three lucky artists will take up residency with Nicky Ginsberg, Director and Founder of the NG Art Creative Residency.





Gordes, Provence


Paul Davies, Suzanne Chamlin and Lawrence Wallen, the three lucky winners of the CWAR, will be granted access to a six week residency at the NG Art Creative Residency, Provence. Mentored by Director and Founder Nicky Ginsberg, they will have the opportunity to paint, create, explore and challenge their artistic passions, while taking in everything the region has to offer!  


Eygalières, Provence


Set atop a rocky outcrop of the Alpilles mountain ranges, in the picturesque village of Eygalières, these three talented artists will call Mas des Pelerins (House of the Pilgrims), home for the duration of their Residency. With enormous, light-filled studio space, a swimming pool, an abundance of native olive and apricot and plum trees, NG Art Creative Residency is every landscape painter’s paradise!

The laid back, welcoming streets of Eygalières come to life with its bustling artistic community. With numerous artist studios and workshops already underway, the NG Art Creative Residency is the latest arts initiative to take advantage of Eygalières’ passionate community of fine artists, craftsman, writers, artisans and musicians.

Vineyard in Provence


Street markets, arts festivals, jazz nights and poetry readings light up the cobbled, winding streets of Eygalières. At the NG Art Creative Residency, the CWAR winners will be encouraged, under Ginsberg’s gentle guidance, to make the most of the region’s en plein air locations, galleries, historical sites, wineries, rugged mountains and rolling fields.





Château La Coste, Louise Bourgeois


A scenic hour’s drive from Mas Des Pelerins, Château La Coste is a vineyard, contemporary art gallery and sculpture park where wine, art and architecture live in harmony. Château La Coste boasts work by those at the forefront of contemporary art and architecture worldwide with permanent installations by Ai Weiwei, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Louise Bourgeois. The vineyard is a cultural Mecca for the South of France, hosting regular exhibitions by internationally acclaimed artists, the Gallery space is currently exhibiting ‘Surrounded by you’ by Tracey Emin.  A haven for artists and architects, our three winners will be encouraged to visit Château La Coste to be inspired by the greats.


Artist Megan Hayes, Director Nicky Ginsberg and Katya Ginsberg on site at the NG Art Creative Residency





WINNER: Paul Davies
USA / Australia
Download Artist statement

Paul Davies, Everything Loose Will Land in LA / Double Golden Gully, U.V. Cured ink print, acrylic copolymer and acrylic on canvas, 48 x 70 inches


From the Artist: "The native Australian gum trees scattered throughout Los Angeles remind me of the 'gold rush' link between both places and how, in a way, this is happening today, as many Australians are drawn to 'Hollywood'. Australia's gold rush began after Edward Hargraves noticed the landscapes producing gold in California were also in Australia." - Read more


WINNER: Suzanne Chamlin
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Suzanne Chamlin, Olive, OIl on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches

From the artist: "The first stage of my painting process is a meditation and translation of what I see, and later I imagine into the space. I make changes until the piece feels like it has a sense of place. In my recent paintings, I am interested in the reduction of forms as a way to simplify and allow light and atmosphere to prevail." - Read more


WINNER: Lawrence Wallen
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Lawrence Wallen - The Fractured Landscape of Subasio II - Tempera, Ink, Graphite on Paper - 300cm x 84cm (detail)

From the artist: "Wallen’s many-layered drawings are visually split with the central rupture becoming the pivotal motive across the sequence of drawings. The tension between colour field and empty space, inspired by the nature as much as by the art history of the area reveals the tortured territory that exists between historical and personal topographies." - Read more




United Kingdom, Spain
Download artist statement

Daniel Shaw; Night Falls; Heat Press Printing; Acrylic and Oil on Linen; 40 x 50 cm


From the artist: "With this work, I chose a page from the novel Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. I like the liminality of train journeys, they are almost like a dream. Images of a world behind glass flit past us as we sit passively and wait to be delivered to our destination. I chose the bridge at Avignon to impart a strong sense of place, but yet it is almost ephemeral, for as soon as we take in the surroundings, moments later the train journey has rendered them gone.." - Read more




We know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see the judges’ selection of the CWAR 2017, so you can now view and purchase the prize’s 40 finalists‘ paintings!

These are the artists who showed the greatest technical skill, originality and passion. Peruse the forty, pick your favourite and purchase finalists’ work critiqued by the likes of Professor Raphael Rubinstien, Professor Anita Taylor, Dr. Stanley Quek and Nicky Ginsberg!

See them at our website - click here





Eygalières, Provence


Now is YOUR chance to have your say by voting for the CWAR People’s Choice Award! Flex your critiquing muscles, put on your judge’s wig and vote for your favourite entry for this year’s Chippendale World Art Residency! Vote and be in the draw to win dinner for two at Bistrot Gavroche, Kensington Street!

With such a broad range of technical and painterly skill exhibited by this year's submitting artists, we wish you luck in picking just one!

To vote head to our instagram @CWAR_2017 and like your favourite artwork!

Bistrot Gavroche are offering voters a chance to dine on the house on fine French fare in their heavenly slice of Paris on Kensington Street!




On behalf of the entire Chippendale Creative Precinct, we would like to thank all those who entered the prize. We look forward to a bigger and better CWAR in 2018!


Nicky Ginsberg
President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct

Chippendale Creative Precinct

email: info@chippendalecreative.com.au

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