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BEAMS Arts Festival 2016


What a wonderful feeling, to kick up your feet at the end of a jam-packed year and relish in all of the successes over the past 12 months.

This year, Chippendale Creative Precinct captivated the eyes, minds and hearts of punters near and far, with the evocation of Chippendale’s burgeoning creative spirit throughout an exceptional collection of events and initiatives.

Destination Chippendale, brought to you by the Chippendale Creative Precinct, continues to thrive as the beating heart of Sydney’s downtown, of whom creativity is the lifeblood.

With much to recount and reminisce, we bring to you a wrap-up of the soaring highs of 2016.





Sydney Chinese New Year Festival 2016


This year we welcomed the Year of the Monkey with an elaborate street party that celebrated Chinese culture through arts, performance, workshops and food.

We look forward to ringing in the Year of the Rooster in 2017, as we dress Kensington Street in the radiance of luxurious reds and golds. In Chinese fables, the rooster embodies new beginnings and the regenerative potential of each individual to prosper and succeed.

Mark Saturday 4 February 2017 in your diary, for a radiant salute to ‘The Light of Dawn’, Chinese New Year on Kensington Street.





Art at Night on Kensington Street


In celebration of Art Month in March, Kensington Contemporary swung open its doors as the sun descended over Chippendale to participate in the Art at Night program.

Aesthetes and enviable masterminds Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins brought to life the expansive sandstone terrace at 46-48 Kensington Street, and invited keen revelers to be entranced by the raw scents and textures of the Australian bush.

We boasted an exciting line up of live music and performances, and welcomed highlights from the 2015 HEAD ON Photographic Exhibition in the Old Rum Store.

Chippendale’s streets were rocking.





Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


Marking Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in May, haute couture and gastronomy took each other by the hand and pirouetted through the industrial spaces of the Old Rum Store.

We activated the historic walls of Kensington Street’s former brewery site, illuminating them with film noir projections and live performances - a picturesque backdrop for the launch of cutting edge resort collections - complimented by exquisitely crafted menus from local haunts Bar Chinois, Bistrot Gavroche and Mekong.





Indigo Hanlee and Nichael Thomas Hil (lightwell)l - dyeing breath (2016)


The Chippendale New World Art Prize entered its fourth year of its decade-long run, inspired this year by the word ‘Spirit’.

The Prize’s opening night was hosted in partnership with Vivid Ideas.

From a generous donation from Dr Stanley Quek, the Prize continues to inspire the next generation of Australian artists, offering Indigo Hanlee and Michael Thomas Hill of Lightwell a three-month residency at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle, in the hills near Assisi, Italy.

This year’s judging panel included Janet Laurence, Wayne Tunnicliffe, Pat Corrigan and Dr. Stanley Quek.





BEAMS Arts Festival 2016


This years BEAMS Festival was our biggest and brightest yet!

An unprecedented 30,000 people, of all ages and walks of life, danced, ate and explored their way through Chippendale.

Festival-goers relished in the wonderful products of over 500 creatives. We welcomed visual artists, who transformed the street with captivating light installations, musicians, interactive workshops and a live 100 metre long graffiti wall, sponsored by Colliers.

This year we were excited to be able to live stream images on the Lilyfield City-Westlink digital billboard, and the Central Park Living Mall Digital Wall, with the support of APN Outdoor, Doofah and OFA.

Social media was abuzz, with attendees sharing incredible images of the activated alleyways, striking artworks and performances throughout the night.





BEAMS Arts Festival assistant curators


In October, Chippendale’s Kensington Street celebrated Good Food Month with an evocation of all things opulent and indulgent, and invoking of the Seven Deadly Sins.

For one night only some of Chippendale’s most exciting restaurants were transformed into hives of indulgence, all creating menus specifically for the event. Dancers and musicians weaved their way down the street, serenading diners and captivating audiences.

Nicholas Stathopoulos, Resistance is Futile

An exhibition entitled Guilty Pleasures was held in the Old Rum store, co-curated by esteemed art collector and philanthropist Pat Corrigan and Nicky Ginsberg.

Some of Australia’s most celebrated artists, including 2016 Archibald’s People’s Choice Award Winner, Nicholas Stathopoulos, explored the complex connotations of sin and consumption through the medium of painting.





Our Explore Chippendale program trebled in its offerings in 2016, adding the Historical Walking Tour and the Food and Wine Safari to its repertoire.


The Free Gallery Walking Tours continued to engage immense crowds seeking to gain some insight into the creative products of Chippendale’s network of galleries.

Led by Nicky Ginsberg and curator Susannah Smith, these tours offered a wealth of arts knowledge, further accentuated by the opportunity to dine with Nicky, Susannah and artist guests over banquet-style lunches, with sponsored wine from Paxton.



The Historical Walking Tour was launched in July, allowing intimate groups the chance to delve into the many layers that comprise the Chippendale we know today. We have engaged three inspiring tour guide historians, and academics in the field, whose insights never cease to amaze.



The Food and Wine Safari, our latest project, took off in November, and traversed the world’s food bowls and vineyards at a handful of Kensington Street’s culinary institutions. We will proudly re-launch this program in February 2017 to continue to explore Chippendale’s diverse and finessed food and wine culture.





The Old Rum Store


The fifth edition of the Destination Chippendale Guide documents the 17 galleries located within the precinct, alongside a line-up of Chippendale’s best retail and dining establishments.

The Guide’s rapid expansion to represent yet more of our neighbours is a testament to the continual growth of this intimate hub in the few short years that the CCP has been active.

The Guide has been distributed to multiple galleries, sixty of Sydney’s top tier hotels, City of Sydney tourist information booths, Destination NSW and local bars, eateries and cafes.





BEAMS Arts Festival assistant curators


The CCP internship program continues to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience not privy to students in educational institutions.

CCP assistant curators work across diverse projects, from curatorial and events management to copywriting and marketing. Whether for curricular credits or the value of experience, these curators support all CCP events and initiatives in order to sustain the success of the CCP.

Without their contribution, the CCP would not have accomplished such sizeable achievements this year!



We are incredibly indebted to our generous sponsors who make all that we do possible. These include the likes of Frasers Property Australia, Sekisui House, Greencliff, APN Outdoor and Paxton Wines.

We would also like to acknowledge the grants received from the City of Sydney that make our dreams for Chippendale’s flourishing a reality.

We have been overjoyed and overwhelmed by the generosity and creative minds of our members this year.

Throughout 2016, up to 70 members signed up to the precinct, attending events throughout the calendar year and providing critical support to all of the CCP’s initiatives.

We wholeheartedly welcome all of the new large and small businesses, creatives, innovators, dreamers, movers and shakers to our warm Chippendale family.

We invite Chippendale locals, and international dreamers, to join the Chippendale Creative Precinct to ensure that all of our hard work can be sustained in the years to come.

To find out more about how the CCP can benefit you as a member, click here.

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The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 8 December. It is not too late to express interest to join the CCP Board.

Contact nickyginsberg@chippendalecreative.com.au

President’s Report 2016



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