Paul Davies

WINNER: Paul Davies
USA / Australia
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Paul Davies, Everything Loose Will Land in LA / Double Golden Gully, U.V. Cured ink print, acrylic copolymer and acrylic on canvas, 48 x 70 inches


Paul Davies is an Australian artist living and working in Los Angeles. Davies completed a Masters by research at the UNSW College of Art and Design in 2014 before moving to the US. In his work ‘Everything Loose Will Land in LA/ Double Golden Gully, Davies explores the shared connection between Sydney and his new home, Los Angeles- ‘something of an El Dorado for actors, filmmakers, artists etc.’

From the Artist:
“The native Australian gum trees scattered throughout Los Angeles remind me of the ‘gold rush’ link between both places and how, in a way, this is happening today, as many Australians are drawn to ‘Hollywood’. Australia’s gold rush began after Edward Hargraves noticed the landscapes producing gold in California were also in Australia.”

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