Private Tours


Destination Chippendale warmly invites you and your group of friends, colleagues or leisurely hobbyists to book a private walking tour. Gallery walking tours and historical walking tours are offered to private groups, each guided by professionals in the field with interesting insights into the mysterious precinct.

The experience includes complimentary wine, and the opportunity for a sumptuous lunch at one of Kensington Street’s renowned eateries.

Let us cater the experience to your group’s tastes and interests, as we facilitate your one-off journey through plentiful nooks and crannies of Chippendale.

Visitors to Chippendale are invited on various cultural odysseys such as time-travelling strolls through Chippendale’s past, and guided perusals into the precinct’s creative offerings. Destination Chippendale’s ‘Explore Chippendale’ programs seek to expose the pasts and presents of the historic precinct through organised tours.

Chippendale Creative Precinct is a non-for-profit organisation that aims to celebrate and develop the lifestyle and culture of Chippendale. The walking tours are an initiative that demonstrate our passion for Chippendale and commitment to transforming the precinct into a thriving cultural destination.


Join us as we guide you on an exploration of the exhibition spaces and arts destinations thriving throughout Chippendale. Our professional tour guide and arts curator Susannah Smith will lead you through four exhibitions over two hours, interviewing artists and gallerists along the way.
From fanciful dreamscapes to interactive installations, your tour will traverse contemporary art from a wide range of practicing artists. Exploring light, form and colour across a handful of current exhibitions, guests will begin to unravel the connection between meaning and medium in the world of modern art.


Our historical tours will take you on a time-travelling journey through vestiges of the area’s past, guided by a professional historian. The colonial history, industrial heritage and sordid tales beneath Chippendale’s cultural renaissance and vibrant culinary and artistic scene will be revealed in an informal, social setting.

Each historical tour will revolve around a different thematic or site-specific layer of Chippendale’s multifaceted history. The heritage and historical secrets of the Chippendale precinct hide away in meandering alleyways and spectacular architecture, waiting to be revealed.


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